Lush Lashes

November 5, 2020

Eyes look stunning with lush lashes eyelash extensions. The only company who will apply a lush lash for every eyelash you have

Longer, thicker lashes mirror the growth cycle of pre-existing lashes, resulting a beautiful outcome.

Please contact Lush lashes today to schedule your preferred appointment time.

Elongate eyelashes

The best in the country for increased length, width and fullness. Lush lashes technicians provide the only lush lashes look in New Zealand.

Spray tan

Want to treat yourself? Come to Wellingtons best place to get a spray tan. Lush lashes uses Australian brand black magic which contains Eco-certified ingredients.

Shaped eyebrows

Let Lush lashes experts shape your brows. Lush lashes technicians know how each brow begins, peaks and ends. They serve to provide you with best eyebrow shaping that you deserve


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