Capital Cycles

November 8, 2020

Come visit our shop, conveniently placed in the middle of Wellington CBD on Dixon street.

Supplying New Zealand with leading bikes for a range of needs including every accessory on the market.

Get the most out of your biking relating clothing purchases with our extensive range of apparel.

Our Builds

We offer a unique range of in house custom bikes that we build from the ground up, get in touch with us if you have something specific you’d like in mind.

Our Business

Operating for over 10 years we aim to give our customers the best priced bikes across New Zealand, offering custom bike solutions and stocking only the best parts from around the world.

Bike Services

We can do near to every kind of bike service available, come down to our store to get exactly what you need out of your bike whether that is a simple bike refitting or complete race tune.


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